Gopal's Super Salads

Vegetables + Fruits + Nuts for Fiber + Micronutrients + Prebiotics + Complex Carbs + Proteins + Whole fats(Nuts)


  • MIX & MATCH:
    Step 1: 1-2 veggies(greens/cucumber/tomato/zuchini/radish/beet/papaya any fruits of your choice)
    Step 2: 1-2 fruits(mango/apple/strawberry/kiwi/plum/apricot/avocado etc)
    Step 3: Nuts(pistachio/cashew/almond/pecans/walnuts/peanuts etc) or Seeds (Hemp/Chia/pumpkin/sesame etc)
    + Prebiotics (Apple cider vinegar /yeast/green chilies/Kim chee/
    + any oil free dressing (lemon juice/vinegar/pickle masala etc) or fruit sauces
    + garnish (coriander/parsley/mint) etc.
    Thanks to Gopal & Chandrika for these awesome salads!

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