Sprouts – A powerhouse of nutrients, simple method

Sprouts are the highest in anti-oxidants, similar to berries and many other fruits and vegetables. They are a powerhouse of nutrients and pack a sizable amount of proteins as well. Whole beans and lentils are very easy to sprout and add a wonderful variety to any meal. They can be lightly blanched, cooked, ground up for flour/dough, add a crunch to salads and are very versatile as they are very neutral in flavor.

Sprouting in a Glass Jar:

Use a large glass jar that is square shaped so that it can be rested on its side.
1/2 cup of dried daal, beans, lentils, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, broccoli seeds, etc.


  1. In a square glass jar, soak 1/2 cup of dried daal/beans/lentils overnight with enough water to cover about 1 inch above the lentils.
  2. Next morning, tie a cloth or mesh over the mouth of the glass jar and drain all the water out.
  3. Once a day, add a little water to the jar and rinse it out thoroughly. Discard the water. Set the jar on its side (not upright) on your countertop.
  4. In 48 hrs. you should see a lot of sprouts.
  5. Keep for longer to get longer/bigger sprouts. Rinse with water daily.
  6. Once sprouts are formed well, add the lid to the jar and keep in refrigerator for up to a week.

Eat as is, or add to salads, pulav. You can also make daals, or make Adai/Pesarattu etc.

Make with different beans/lentils every 2-3 days so that you have a steady supply of sprouts everyday.

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