Where do I begin?

Step 1: Avoid all Animal Products from your home and diet
Step 2: Avoid all added Oils in any food (Oil is inflammatory)
Step 3: Increase consumption of Vegetables and Fruits to improve Gut bacteria and health
Step 4: Practice Yoga, Pranayama & Dhyana (Meditation) daily

How do I sign up for a class, public speaking event, or consultation with you?

Please sign up online via the programs tab! You can also contact us to book classes, events and consultations.

How are classes scheduled?

New series of classes start on the 1st of every month. Please see Programs for specific dates and class topics. For more details, please contact us.

Will you accommodate a food allergy?

Yes. We will make substitutions for all food allergies. Please do call and talk to me in advance.

Is there a minimum age for your cooking classes?

Preferably 12 years and older.

Doesn't cashew yogurt have a lot of saturated fat?

Natural fat with fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients alit the original minerals and vitamins are available only in Whole Foods ad it’s beneficial for us!

Human beings fat needs are very little. Small quantities are sufficient!

Whole Natural fats are not harmful to our bodies! Only processed fats like vegan butter and oils are harmful for our bodies! They are stripped of the packaging with fiber and nutrients!

Avoid industrialized processes! If you can make at home then it’s not harmful! Consume all natural whole food fats too in small quantities!

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